Shower Enclosures

No bathroom is complete without a custom-built shower enclosure. We design, fabricate and install many types of shower enclosures with several hardware color options. Framed Shower Enclosures are available to fit any budget: standard sliding enclosures, deluxe sliding enclosures, pivot door, pivot door with panel, or custom surround-style enclosures. Upgrades include a through-glass handle, towel bar, or combination handle/towel bar, as well as textured or tinted glass. Our framed enclosures are built to suit the space, and glass is custom ordered to fit your enclosure. Semi-frameless Enclosures are also available. These are mostly framed enclosures with a pivot door that is frameless on the top, bottom and outside edge. Glass is 1/4″ thick, and the handle is mounted through the glass instead of on the door metal.

European Frameless Shower Enclosures are custom-fabricated to suit your space. With the unique way that Carpenters designs and fabricates your shower glass, your glass will not need metal channel on the edges to hide outages in your framing. Your glass will be cut out-of-square if necessary, so that it follows the line of your walls as much as possible. There are hundreds of enclosure configurations available, and 3D diagrams can be drawn to illustrate your layout. Minimal hardware is used to secure your glass to your walls. Silicone is used only as necessary on horizontal surfaces to keep water leakage and shower maintenance to a bare minimum. The quality of our enclosures is unmatched in the CSRA.

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